What is Hi, Neighbor?

Hi, Neighbor! is an evening of shared space, food, and stories. Its aim is to strengthen relationships, overcome bias, and community segregation. We want to support happier, better connected, and more resilient neighborhoods.

Based on a social justice theory of change that through story sharing + self work (the willingness for self-reflection and effort in self-improvement), Hi, Neighbor! is a simple gathering with a big purpose.

To date Hi Neighbor has had one very successful first event with over 110 people. A second event is set for May 19th so come join us for the second edition of Hi Neighbor!

Next Edition

This edition will start off a series of bi-monthly evening events that will occur in neighborhoods around Portland, Maine. Each event will offer a family style meal followed by storytelling around a theme.

The theme of the second edition is “My Struggle with Hope”. Hope underpins some of the biggest decisions in our lives. Hope is built upon courage, perseverance and overcoming uncertainty. “My Struggle with Hope” will explore leaps of faith and the fight to keep moving toward your goals. 4 storytellers will be chosen before the event, and people attending can put their name in a bowl to be chosen at random to share their story that same night, too.

This event is not just for Portland residents. Whether you’re from Denmark, Rumford, Lewiston, Kittery, Augusta, Bar Harbor, Fort Kent, or anywhere else, you’re welcome to come.

Dinner is 5:30 – 6:30pm, Storytelling is 6:30 – 8:30pm

May contain mature content.

Bring a friend or better yet, a neighbor!

Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/685792484938329/


The event is open to all. Dinner is provided as well as the program. This event is made possible due to at the door donations and a matching gift from Maine Initiatives.

Suggested donation is $15 – this covers the food and some supplies. The event is organized by volunteers, and the storytellers are not paid. Please donate what you can to ensure we can keep this important community event going and accessible to all. All funds raised will be used for the cost of the event and supporting a Portland minority-owned business.

Donations can be made at the door or online at https://thetreehouseinstitute.org/donate/.