What is Resilient Portland?

Resilient Portland is a knowledge map of sustainability programs, initiatives and resources in the Portland area. Based on initial research into the various environmentally-focused organizations, this project has gathered all of these resources into one searchable, easy-to-use platform. The map helps connect residents with these organizations, while promoting an educational dialogue that hopes to an increased adoption of sustainable practices.


Resilient Portland was inspired by the Connected by Nature report from the Natural Resource Council of Maine. After several months of research, in 2016, the Portland Global Shapers Hub decided that the creation of a knowledge map was needed.

Portland Global Shapers Hub

The map has been created by the Portland Global Shapers Hub. The hub is an initiative of the World Economic Forum. We are a group of 20-30 somethings who are applying globally inspired ideas to solve local problems. This map is one of several projects we have created and implemented to strengthen community resiliency and make Portland even more awesome.

Map blueprint

We designed the map to highlight seven themes of sustainability:
Sea & water
Clean energy
Parks & public spaces
Education & advocacy

We are finishing the sustainability map. Come back soon to see the completed project.